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Abstracting the Complexities of dApps, Protocols, Liquidity, and Value.
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There are millions of tokens in DeFi right now, each with different mechanics and incentives. This creates lots of overhead for users to decide. The Arken token will be utilized across many products in Arken ecosystem to abstract this complexity away.

The Arken token we collect as a fee will be cycled to support the growth of our users and the development of products, creating multiple virtuous cycles.


Token Utility

Arken Trading Portal

Trading Fee for Arken Trading Portal

Fee for swap, limit-order, stop-limit, and many more to come

Arken Protocols & API

Protocols & API Access Fee

Access fee for TxFlow Price API, Mid-price API, and more

Arken Fund

Fee for Fund Management Platform

Management / Performance Fee.
Please stay tune for the launch information



Arken Token will also be utilized as incentives & rewards to our users and community.
To minimize the deflation of our tokens, we invented Arken Options as a primary instrument for incentive.


Easing Impermanent Loss with
Arken OptionsSOON

Instead of traditional farming rewards, Arken will use Arken Options, a tradable NFT that works as a Call Option as an incentive for liquidity providers and other usages in our ecosystem. This approach will stabilize the token price, limit rapid dumping, and incentivize users to stay on the platform.

For our liquidity pools, Arken Options as incentive will help combat Impermanent Loss when the token price grows high.

Token Distribution


How to Participate

Arken Token

Arken token will be used across multiple protocols and services in and around Arken Ecosystem. We are releasing an initial batch of Arken token to help users abstract the complexity of DeFi.

Impossible Launchpad

Provide Liquidity

To make Arken Token able to support the growing of our protocols and applications, we need help expanding the liquidity of Arken Token. Unlike the hyper-inflated farming mechanics, Arken's Liquidity Providers will receive Arken Options we pioneered.

To be announced soon

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